If you’re planning a trip to Nerja, you’re about to discover one of Spain’s most captivating destinations. Located on the Costa del Sol, this charming town offers a perfect combination of natural beauty, history, culture and gastronomy that will leave you in awe.

In this article, from Nerja Paradise we present you the 8 essential things to do in Nerja to make the most of your visit. From relaxing on the famous Burriana beach to exploring the wonders of the caves of Nerja, here you will find a complete guide to explore this idyllic corner of Andalusia.

1. Visit Burriana Beach

Let’s start with one of Nerja’s most outstanding attractions: Burriana Beach. With its golden sand and crystal-clear waters, this beach is a true paradise for sun and sea lovers. Here you can enjoy a wide range of water activities, such as diving and snorkelling, or simply relax in the warm Mediterranean sun. In addition, the beach has numerous beach bars where you can enjoy delicious fresh fish dishes and other local specialities.

Visitar la Playa de Burriana

2. Excursion on the Chillar River

For hikers and nature lovers, a hike on the Chillar River is an experience not to be missed in Nerja. This picturesque trail will take you through dazzling mountain scenery, where you will come across waterfalls, pools and unique rock formations.It’s the perfect way to connect with nature and cool off in the crystal clear waters of the river. 

Excursiones en el río chillar

3. Visit the ‘’Balcón de Europa’’

The Balcón de Europa is one of the most emblematic places in Nerja and offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean.This viewpoint is the ideal spot to contemplate the majesty of the sea and the beauty of the cliffs that surround the coast. Don’t forget to bring your camera, as you will have the opportunity to capture unforgettable images.

Visitar el Balcón de Europa

4. Enjoy the local gastronomy

Nerja is not only a feast for the eyes, but also for the stomach. The local gastronomy is a delight not to be missed. Head to the heart of the old town and discover authentic restaurants serving traditional Andalusian dishes. From sardine skewers to paella, every bite will be an unforgettable culinary experience.

Disfrutar de la gastronomía local

5. Hiking in the Surrounding Area

The surrounding area of Nerja offers endless opportunities for hikers. From the famous Ruta de los Acantilados (Cliffs Route) to hikes in the surrounding countryside, every trail will surprise you with stunning scenery. Don’t forget to take comfortable shoes, water and sunscreen, and you’ll be ready to explore nature in all its splendour!

Hacer senderismo en los atardeceres

6. Explore the Old Town

Immerse yourself in the history and charm of Nerja by strolling through the old town. Its cobbled streets, whitewashed facades and welcoming squares will transport you back in time. Visit the Church of El Salvador, the Mercado de Abastos and the Villa de Nerja Cultural Centre to learn more about the rich local culture.

Explorar el Casco Histórico

7.Visit the Gardens of the Nerja Caves

The Nerja Caves are a natural wonder not to be missed, but as well as exploring the caves themselves, we also recommend a visit to the surrounding gardens. These lush gardens offer an oasis of peace and tranquillity, where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the local flora.

Visitar los jardines de las cuevas de Nerja

8. Visit the village of Frigiliana

Just a few kilometres from Nerja is the picturesque village of Frigiliana. Known for its cobbled streets, whitewashed houses and colourful flowerpots, Frigiliana is a place that will transport you to another era. Stroll through its streets, discover its most charming corners and taste its famous muscatel wines.

Visitar el pueblo de Frigiliana

With these 8 essential plans, you will be ready to live an unforgettable experience in Nerja. Remember to bring your camera to capture all the special moments and, above all, immerse yourself in the essence of this beautiful corner of Andalusia.

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