Booking Conditions

Check-in and check-out:

Arrival time: The rental is available from 16:00 pm.

Check out time: The rental check out time is 10:00 am.

Booking confirmation and cancellation policy:

Down payment

When reserving one of our rentals, a down payment of 30% needs to be paid to confirm a booking.

Tentative reservation

Reservations will stay tentative until the down payment of 30% is paid.

If the down payment of 30% has not been paid within one week, the tentative reservation will expire and the rental is again free for others to book.

Confirmed reservation

Once the down payment has been paid, the reservation will turn into a confirmed booking.


The amount paid can not be refunded if the reservation is cancelled.

Payment methods

Payments can be paid online with Credit Cards (e.g. Mastercard, Visa) or via Bank Transfer.

Please inform us when choosing Bank Transfer, and make sure to mention the Booking Reference and Lead Guest Name to be able to identify your payment.

If you are missing an additional payment method, please let us know. Payments on site can also be arranged.